My Passion & Purpose

Over the years, I have tried many philosophies and I have played many roles- meditation practitioner, entrepreneur, intuitive, engineer, Life Coach.

My pursuit has always been to become a better person, to live a dynamic life, to have great achievements and to celebrate life. I've chased these dreams with all my heart.

Through the time, self growth, self awareness, acknowledging goals and exploring human potential has become a passion for me. Now is the quest for human connections. I would be happy to help anyone who is on the same path of achieving goals, or quest for joyous life. In my personal life, I use meditation, hobbies and Human connections to achieve the same.

I am currently working as a Lifestyle and Happiness Coach. Yoga and physical fitness are my new quest that I am exploring.


How can I help You?

  • Meditation classes

  • Clarity on your current mindset  with respect to your desired state..

  • Life Coaching


for complementary sessions or just to discuss your goals

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